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  PRESS RELEASE ASHI® Great Lakes Chapter Inspector by Review, IBR® Award Contact: Jeff Gainey Gainey Home Inspection 765-744-3005 Jeff Gainey Attends ASHI® Great Lakes Chapter Conference, Earns IBR® Designation Muncie, Indiana 04/12/2014:  Jeff Gainey of Gainey Home Inspection, a local home inspection business, has just returned from an intensive training in Southgate MI. …
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-Virtual Tour of an ASHI HOME INSPECTION- Contacting Gainey Home Inspections is the first step in making sure your inspection needs are fulfilled by an honest, educated, and seasoned professional. Gainey Home Inspections will provide this service to your satisfaction in a timely manner with integrity and commitment to you. Do not let cost be a factor. The…
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Ungrounded VS Grounded Receptacles                            What’s the Difference?   Many times over any given year I get into discussions concerning the outlets in the home I am inspecting. To start with I will go over the basics of the old and new. First of all I am a Licensed Home Inspector with the State of…
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