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ONE YEAR HOME WARRANTY INSPECTIONS One Year Home Warranty Inspection You have been in your new home for almost a year.  The clock is ticking on that one year builder   warranty. At the one year anniversary you give up almost any chance you have in getting your builder to correct any issues you may have. …
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Knob And Tube Wiring----What you should know Knob-and-tube wiring, what you should know       Knob and tube electrical wiring was installed in homes from the 1920’s to the mid 1960’s – later in some rural locations.  As indicated by the name the instillation method used a combination of porcelain “knobs” and “tubs” as insulators to…
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Mold Information What is Mold? Molds are fungi. Molds grow throughout the natural and built environment. Tiny particles of mold are present in indoor and outdoor air. In nature, molds help break down dead materials and can be found growing on soil, foods, plant matter, and other items. Molds produce microscopic cells called "spores" which…
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