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About The Owner

Jeff Gainey has owned and operated a full service property inspection and consulting firm since 2001. To date, he has inspected over 3,000 single family homes and light commercial buildings. His primary business is centered on residential and light commercial building inspections for individuals purchasing existing homes and commercial buildings. Jeff has offered litigation support on legal matters involving residential construction issues and home inspections. He also has performed numerous progress/phase/draw inspections for commercial and residential projects; along with this he also performs asset verification's for various lending institutions. Jeff is a certified inspector with the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), a nationally recognized leader in home inspection organizations. He is an active member of the Great Lakes Chapter of ASHI and attends several conferences a year to be further educated in the Home Inspection profession.  He also attends several Indiana ASHI chapter meetings each year to gain more knowledge and qualify for the required continuous education credits required to maintain a state license and remain a member in good standing with ASHI. Jeff is an Affiliate member of the Mid Eastern Indiana Association of Realtors and listed with the Central Listing service for Marion, Hamilton, Madison and surrounding counties for inspection access.
Jeff achieved an"Inspector by Review" status with the Great Lakes Chapter of ASHI which reviews his performance by a group of his peers in April 2014.

Why US

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We have been licensed by the State of Indiana since 2005 and follow the State's Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. We also attend additional training which qualifies for Continuing Education Credits annually.

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We are not building contractors nor are we affiliated with any contractors, repair companies, real estate agents or appraisal companies. Gainey Home Inspection prides itself on a strong foundation from many years of past client referrals.

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Why wait for days to receive your inspection report? Timely same day reporting can be expected from Gainey Home Inspection services. Your Web Based report link is emailed to you the same day.

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Each section of your report will include numerous pictures to help you understand what the report is telling you about your new home.

Choose US


Jeff has been  a Trusted Home Inspector for over 14 years

Although price is certainly foremost in many of our clients minds when they choose a Home Inspector, the lowest price is not always the best deal.

It's like buying a used book only to find out some of the chapters are missing. Get the whole story with our inspection report.

While even a thorough Home inspection report cannot provide a guarantee, warranty or assurance that every defect will be discovered, we work hard to discover all the hidden defects in the home before you make your decision to purchase.

 It is important for you to call and ask your inspector any questions you may have to assure they have the knowledge and experience needed. An inspection report should give you the current condition of all the systems in the home and life expectancy so you can plan ahead on upcoming expenses.

Our reporting goes beyond the Realtor friendly "Appears Serviceable" comment found in other reports. 


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