ASHI Virtual Tour

-Virtual Tour of an ASHI HOME INSPECTION-

buy Lyrica online australia Contacting Gainey Home Inspections is the first step in making sure your inspection needs are fulfilled by an honest, educated, and seasoned professional. Gainey Home Inspections will provide this service to your satisfaction in a timely manner with integrity and commitment to you. Do not let cost be a factor. The knowledge gained from an inspection is well worth the cost, and the lowest priced "Realtor Friendly"  inspector may not be a bargain. He/She may only be insterested in a quick visit with an overview of the home that doesn't fully evaluate all the systems of the home. The inspector's qualifications should be the most important consideration. 

We will not be influenced or pressured into giving a partial report to make the sale go through quickly at your expense. We have your best interests in mind when we report on the findings.

Although all inspectors are required to be licensed, this does not mean you would get the same information out of the report.  We take pride in the fact that you will know much more about your new home after the report and exit interview is complete.

Please visit this Virtual Tour link to see what a Certified ASHI Inspector looks for in a Home Inspection:


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