Seller’s Inspections



     I recommend to have your home inspected before you list your home for sale. This brings all the issues to the table before you set your price and gives you the option to either fix a known issue or add it to your discloser and price the house with the defect present.

I recently read that on average a Home Inspection will generate approximately 10 times the cost of the inspection in either required repairs or allowances from the seller to complete the home purchase. Do the Math! If the Home Inspection costs $400. then that will be a potential $4000.00 in money out of the seller's pocket. With a seller's inspection you can minimize this startling figure and be pro-active to either have concerns repaired, replaced, or simply discliosed to the potential buyers. 

-Jeff Gainey ACI

Here is a link to a recent article concerning Seller's Inspections from Mike Holmes titled:

Mike Holmes: Inspections are for Sellers

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