Smoke Alarm Differences

Here is a website that explains the positions and location of life saving smoke alarm devices:


cytotec without prescription Also I Strongly Recommend providing both type of smoke alarms in your new home.
While Ionization smoke alarms will react well with fast moving fires, Photo-Electric alarms react best to slow smoldering fires.

The Office of the Fire Marshal recommends that smoke alarms be installed in every room, for maximum protection. A mix of photoelectric and ionization smoke alarms is desirable.

As stated by manufacturers of smoke alarms, the most important factor in
protecting your family is having the recommended number of working smoke alarms installed in the proper locations.

It is also recommended that since you can't be sure what types of fire might start in your home, you install both ionization and photoelectric smoke alarms in your home.

Combination type Alarms
Combination type alarms can be problematic even while meeting "legal requirements" for installation.  Carbon
Monoxide detectors in conjunction with Ionization type smoke detectors is problematic due to the poor ion technology
(see links under smoke detectors in this section).  The devices also have different life spans.  For best
protection, combination type alarms should not be used.  The International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF)
specifically recommends against installing combination alarms.

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